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Latest Scam Awareness

Action Fraud have issued an alert regarding fake Norton emails (and MacAfee), after receiving 110 reports in a week. The emails state that the recipient’s anti-virus software has expired or is set to renew and are urged to contact the ‘support’ team to cancel. The email contains a scam telephone number or links to a website designed to steal personal and financial information. 
If you are unsure of the email DO NOT call or click the link but use the company's direct number from the software that you are using.


The most common scams carried out through Vinted appear to be where the payment is requested by the scammer to be made outside of Vinted, for example, through PayPal, Cash App or by bank transfer. When the payment is received, the items are never sent. Recently, it was reported that a buyer purchasing an item through Vinted was informed by the seller that they only take payments through PayPal as their accounts are linked to Russian banks. Once payment was made the item was never sent to the victim.
Please be mindful when using these apps that unfortunately scammers are using them too. Before buying please check the sellers history and reviews.


INVOICE SCAMS which target small and medium-sized businesses now make up 55 per cent of all money lost to fraud. This method also impacts on individuals, schools and charities etc - a school in Runcorn lost nearly £20k via this MO last week. Further information can be found on the following link: https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/money/small-business/invoice-fraud-on-the-rise-as-small-businesses-battle-increasing-costs-1559095

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