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SCAM Warning: EVRi Parcel – Scam Text Messages

Halton Trading Standards wants to warn consumers about scam text messages from parcel firm EVRi. 

EVRi is the new name for the parcel firm formerly known as Hermes, the rebrand happened in March 2022. Although the EVRi name has only been around for a matter of weeks, scammers have already started producing EVRi scam text messages (see below). 

Even though the claimed shipping fee is only a modest £1.45, the likeliness is that the scammers are really seeking to acquire and subsequently misuse the consumer bank details. It is likely that by clicking the link in the text message the consumer stands to lose far more than just £1.45. 

Do not click on the link in the text message and forward the text message to 7726. Forwarding the text message to 7726 will allow your phone provider to investigate the scam text message. Most of the phone providers are signed up to this and most do not charge for sending the message to 7726. 

Here is a link to the official EVRi website, it explains about what EVRi scams to look out for and how to protect yourself: https://www.evri.com/cyber-security



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