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Hello resident,

                        please see the below scam information supplied by Halton Trading Standards.


iCAN Warning: Don’t get scammed by the wrong code!

It has recently been brought to the attention of Halton Trading Standards that there are fake QR codes circulating, particularly in car parks around the UK.

What is a QR code?

A machine readable code is a type of barcode that can be read by a digital device that stores information.  The codes are often used to point consumers in the direction of the traders website (or similar) so payment for goods or services can be made. 

Due to the easy access of codes, fake codes are an easy way for fraudsters to make money.  Often scammers will attach their own QR codes to genuine ones as a way to exploit and steal personal information.

Don’t get caught, apply the ‘CODE’ test!


  • C – CONSIDER – The source of the QR code. Proceed with caution if you receive a QR code through an unsolicited email/message.
  • O – OBSERVE - Is the QR code in an unusual place? Download the QR scanner from legitimate providers, such as the App Play Store
  • D – DESTINATION -If the QR code takes you to a website, make sure it is spelled correctly
  • E -  EXAMINE - Scrutinise the physical context of the QR code. Has the QR code be stuck to its location and properly printed

    If you need advice on anything else please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline  or 0808 223 1133

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