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Crime Prevention Advice - Rogue Traders


Rogue traders may quote low prices, but they will soon demand more money and very often the work they claim needs doing is completely unnecessary.


Please take note of the following tips on how to safeguard yourself against rogue traders and share with others:


‼️ Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. ‼️ 

• Don’t be pressured into agreeing to work being done. Many rogue traders will try to worry or pressure people into having work done. Even if there is an issue you have been meaning to fix don’t be rushed into saying yes.

• Use reputable traders. If you do need work doing to your property, use a trader that is recommended or deemed trustworthy. Contact your local Trading Standards or Citizens Advice to find out if they have an approved trader list.

• Get at least 3 quotes. By getting 3 different quotes you will get a good idea of what is a fair price for the work and what is involved.

• Check before you let officials into your home. If someone says they are from a utilities company and there is a problem in the area, close the door and use the contact number you have from bills to call them and ask if they are working in the area.

• Many doorstep criminals will have fake ID which will have a contact number on, don’t use this or trust that it is genuine.

The simplest way to reduce the risk is not to engage with any doorstep sellers. You can politely say you don’t deal with doorstep sellers.

🛑  If you have been the victim of a rogue trader visit  👉🏼 Reporting to Trading Standards - Citizens Advice

Please share and look out for elderly and vulnerable neighbours as they are often targeted. #CrimePrevention


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