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With the finer weather just around the corner, some people will be looking to start a bit of gardening and tidying up their sheds. 
To prevent criminals from targeting your shed, have a look at the following guidance: 

Is your garden secure? 
Ensure all gates and entry points are secure to make it more difficult for offenders to gain access to the shed.

Have you considered the positioning of your shed? 
If possible, position your shed so it can’t be seen from the street but within sight of your house.

Are tools all stored away securely? 
Thieves use tools and gardening equipment that are left out to gain entry to your shed. Store tools in a secure location such as a lockable container.

Have you completed maintenance checks? 
Check areas such as the roof, windows, doors and structure to ensure they are in good condition as they are often exploited by thieves.

Are your hinges and locks substantial enough? 
Door hinges are often removed to gain entry. Use tamper proof screws and a substantial padlock to secure the shed door.

Is your shed anchored to the ground? 
Thieves can lift the shed and gain entry to your valuables, anchoring it to the ground will prevent this.

Are your windows covered and valuables out of sight? 
Thieves will often look through windows to target higher value items. Ensure valuables are covered or out of sight.

Are valuables secured in the shed?
Using ring bolts anchored to the ground and/or walls enables you to secure items such as bikes, lawnmowers and other tools effectively.

Have you considered enhanced security measures? 
External lighting may deter offenders, a shed alarm can alert you if it has been entered and CCTV can capture evidence to help with an investigation.

Is your property marked and registered?
Use a Police approved property marking system, UV pen or etch your postcode onto items to make them less attractive to thieves and register with www.immobilise.com 

For more crime prevention advice follow: Crime prevention advice | Cheshire Constabulary


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